Saturday, August 29, 2009


God! Its been ages. Sorry for not updating for so long.

Many things has been going on in college. One of the highlights is biology experiment 9-12. In these experiment, we dissected a rat. haha I had so much fun during the experiment. I think it was the best experiment yet. =P

Other than that, the fact that its already Ramadhan! Which means Syawal is less than a month away. weeeeeeeeee~ Can't wait to collect money and spend a whole one week with beloved family!! =D

This Ramadhan is a lil' different for me as I didn't get to celebrate it with my family that much. Instead, I have to celebrate it with friends in KMM. New experience! :) Everyday, we break fast at Izzati's room with her roomies. By 'WE' i meant Ilda and I.

The special thing about Ramadhan is the bazaar. I thought celebrating Ramadhan at KMM won't be so exciting with us students stuck here with no bazaar. Apparently on the 3rd day of fasting (my 1st day fasting at KMM), I walked pass the cafe on my way to my room when I saw so many polystyrene packs on the tables and the cafe was covered with smoke.

Ilda and I walked into the cafe and found ourselves in a mini bazaar in the cafe itself. Well thats something!! haha They have all sorts of rice, mee, kuih and my fav, ayam bakar. I love the ayam bakar at cafe B. I bought it everyday!! hahaha ;P

Ramadhan at KMM is not that bad when u have great friends to break fast with at the end of the day! ;)