Thursday, July 16, 2009

ups over!

Sorry for not updating for too long. Haven't got the time to online this past few weeks. I was soo busy studying for UPS and doing assignments. Thank god UPS is over!!! Next event to look forward for is tomorrow. I'll be going back to KL for 2 whole weeks!!! weeee ~

Can't wait. Although I'll have to do my Bio assignments but luckily we have to do it in groups. :D Ilda will be going to Gold Coast next week!! :( envy her!!! I wanna go to Gold Coast tooo. haih. Maybe some other day! This two weeks holiday doesn't mean I don't have to read my revision books. I will read it and prepare myself for PSPM1. InsyaAllah. :)

As soon as the 2 weeks holiday, our college will be having an English language week. Us bloggers are assigned to certain jobs. I hope it will be fun!!

Wanted to borrow a Sophie Kinsella book from the library but sadly, they don't allow PST students to borrow any books within this two weeks. :( I hope they'll put more interesting books in this library. I don't quite like Sydney Sheldon's. ;P

till then.

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