Friday, July 3, 2009

Rest In Peace, MJ

I was never a big fan of MJ but his sudden death caught me off guard. I have always love his music but never obsess about it. It has been a week but I still can't get over his death. It is so sudden. He was a great singer with great voice and talent. He can dance a nd sing very well. No one can ever replace MJ.

Even after a week, his sudden death news are still all over the net and tv. The world is mourning over his death. Lets put it this way, God loves him more than we do. I feel sorry for his kids. Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II. I admit, he might act a little psychotic when it comes to changing his face and skin but we dunno whats inside him to hate him just because of his psychotic actions. Look at the bright sides of him, he is adorable, he loves children and are very close to his family. In a nutshell, he is full of love.

Some people who are even more psychotic than him would start bad rumours about him. Thats bad! Typical human behaviour. They envy people with good live.

Thank god, his family decided to bury him in an Islamic way. Thanks to MJ's brother Jermaine Jackson who is also a Muslim. Lastly, may Allah bless ur soul Michael Joseph Jackson. R.I.P

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