Friday, June 19, 2009

its growing

some people say
that everything has got its place in time
even the day must give way to the night

I was listening to my iPod when a song came across it. A song from a boy band I love. Its a nice song and somehow the words above caught my attention. I can't get it out of my mind. I dunno why. Its very deep and meaningful. I love the words above. The song itself made me sad. The song keeps playing itself over and over again in my head. Therefore, I decided to put it here on my blog. I have been thinking of putting a song here but really can't think of any until now. ;)

I'm currently blogging from home. Reached KL at around 6pm yesterday. Took a bus from KMM. Bought the bus ticket at the cooperative store for Rm15. I'm glad to be home but somehow I miss college too. Maybe I'm getting use to it. I'm starting to like it there although sometimes I whine about waking up at 5.30am every morning and the speed of the lectures going and the non-stop assignments and activities. Seriously, I think KMM is growing in me. I thought I'll never get use to it, never will but I'm doing fine now. ;)

Of course, I'm still not satisfied with the cafeteria, though. Its tooooo dirty. haih. How I wish they'll do something about it. Besides the cafeteria, KMM is a nice place. Every morning, while walking down the stairs from my block to the cafeteria, I would turn on my iPod. While listening, I would look around in the dawn. I can see the sunlight showing revealing itself very slowly at the horizon making the clouds colourful. A little hint of orange, blue, purple and white. It really is a peaceful moment. Every morning, I'll be looking forward to see that scene. I know I'll never get bored of it! I'll never get it here in KL. Thats one of the best thing having a college in the middle of nowhere and on top of a hill. Its wonderful!

Besides the wonderful scenery, I'm starting to like KMM beacsue I have wonderful classmates. There are about 20++ of us with 6/7 guys. Since I'm from an all girls school, I don't have experience studying with guys. I find it enjoying because they have different points of view from the girls. The way they talk, they walk, they laugh, its really enjoying! Luckilly all my classmates are awesome! I swear I can feel the bond is getting thicker and thicker each day. Its a good sign isn't it? :)

I really do hope this feeling won't fade away! Thats all for now. ;)

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