Friday, June 5, 2009

Watch that scene

Here I am at KMM tutorial room. Onlining instead of doing my assignments and homeworks. haha. What to do? I NEED to online to catch up on whats going on with the world outside. As we all know, KMM is in the middle of freaking nowhere. It takes us 1 hour just to get to Malacca Town or Ayer Keroh where the nearest malls are located. Haih. The nearest place from this 'nowhere land' is Pekan Masjid Tanah. Haha theres nothing there, really. The most interesting shops are KFC and 7e. I guess Masjid Tanah people don't eat McDs, Dominos, Shakeys, A&W, Kenny Rogers and etc etc.

I wanted to go back home this week but my mom won't let me. ;( She said she's busy and she told me not to make it a habit to come back home everyweek. haih. Next week and the week after next, there'll be activities here overthe weekends. AGAIN, I can't go home. I hope on the 26th I'll be able to go home. I miss my mommy, my family and my best friend. I NEED to see them. Please please please God, don't let there be any activities that week.

Usually, I love to post photos on my blog posts but ever since I'm here, I haven't post any posts with photos. The reason is because of I don't have my camera with me. I did bring the small one but my card reader is broken and i lost the usb. I wanted to bring my slr but I'm afraid it will get lost here in KMM. You'll never know.

Okay, thats it for now! =)


  1. yep, kmm is indeed far from all the much loved stuff but it's not half as bad as the location of some other colleges...took me some time to adapt to as well...but you'll get used to it..;-)

  2. haha yeah! i hope i'll get use to it really soon. ;P

  3. im getting use to it! ;) thank god for that!