Monday, June 1, 2009

Life in KMM journal

Hey guys! As u can see, I started a new blog. From today onwards I'll be blogging about KMM here instead of 'there'. Haha U know where. =P Obviously, Shana, Ilda and I signed up for the blogging team here in KMM. We signed up for fun and to gain new experiences with the blogging team. So, this blog will be my KMM journal (sort of). Any updates about my life in KMM will be in here.

This Wed, we'll have to take a group photos of the blogging team and also our individual photos. I'll post the link to KMM blogging team url soon. Thats all for now. =)

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  1. Hey there, Tiara!! (if i may call you Tiara..) Neway.. I'm Anita one of the blogger too..(ignore my lousy pic in KKM ChatterBox =_=)

    Neway... I'm now recruiting members for my Anime Manga GAmes and Cosplay Club called UnderGround Evolution (UDG Evo: AMGC Club) ...

    So if you interested in joining do send me ur full name & matrix num.. TQ..

    L (Msn or Ym)