Sunday, June 14, 2009

my lalalala weekend!

Mommy came yesterday after the JPP voting stuffs. Went to Mahkota Parade. Ate McD!! God! The best lunch ever. Hahaha Had Baskin Robins for dessert. yummy! ;P Bought some stuffs and spent quality times with my mom. I was really happy yesterday! Thanks mommy for coming! I really appreciate it! ;)

Today, I studied bio with Meon, Izzati and Myra. Later, Amirah and Nadiah came and we did our Dinamika folio. Its not complete yet though! Haih. Besides that, my Agama folio is not complete too ;( DARN! Other than the 2 folios, I really NEED to catch up on my chemistry!! Darn u air pressures!!! ARGH!

Sad news, I heard Mr. Ariffin is leaving this college!! Is it true?????? Oh no! If its true, then I'm doom!!! Mr. Ariffin is the best so far in maths! I depend on him for my maths and now he's leaving? why!! haih... ;(

Besides that, I had the best weekend since I got here. Slept at Izzati's room with her 3 cool roomies. haha Soooo gonna do it again some other weekends. I hope one day, my roomies and I will be that close. Its not like we're not close now but I do hope we can be closer like Izzati and her roomies! ;)

till then~